Planetary Days Of The Week

Do you believe that in creation, every single thing holds significant meaning in this nature? Have you ever identified or noticed a different feeling on any day of the week? Somehow many things are related to the planetary days of the week.

In layman’s terms, the day’s ruling Planet is dedicated to the particular day means dedicated explicitly to a particular planet, and that Planet affects the whole day. Vedic astrology plays a crucial role in our life. When it comes to the horoscope, planetary hours, planetary days of the week and planets define our destiny or life cycle.

How are these planetary days of the week affecting days or helpful?

Knowingly or unknowingly, we do various things every day. So why not begin with a planned day to get the full effects of planetary hours. Planned day means that if a person knows the ruling Planet of that particular day, they can align every day according to the Planet’s energy, significance, and requirement and include better things.

Example –
Thursday is ruling by Jupiter, A planet dedicated to studying and positive vibration so students can plan some good things on this day. Wednesday, which Mercury governs, is accustomed to clear and effective communication. This way, one can enhance the flow of energy in the whole day by knowing the planetary days of the week.

We are mentioning below each day governing with a different planet and its effects.

Moon rules Monday.

Moon makes us deal with various mood swings, emotions in situations, and different shadowy sides of life. This is because the Moon has erratic and unpredictable energy. This is the reason many people feel sluggish and slow on Monday. Many people say ‘Monday’ as the “Monday Blue” feeling day.

On Monday, the best things you can do are privacy and quiet time spending, rest, sleep, meditation, personal changeover planning or execution, and some dream analysis.

The Mars – Tuesday governs by Mars.

In Greek mythology, Mars is also known as the God of war. Mars enforces the sense of competition, determination, completion, productivity, and effectiveness. The planetary hours of Tuesday can be best planned for the completion of any task.

To get the best output, Tuesday can be planned to make new strategies, new ideas, bring up a new project, exercise, and any task to finish. Cleaning out the clutter can also be done on Tuesday. Even finishing the long overdue can also be done on Tuesday. It is a good day for planning and execution.

Mercury is the Planet of Wednesday

The Planet Mercury is also known as heaven’s messenger because of its precision and effectiveness. Mercury planet helps to the higher perception and precise and effective ways. Mercury inspires Wednesday to bring more connectivity and communication.

The day falls in between the middle of the week; hence, it stabilizes any network significantly. The Best things one can do on Wednesday are reverting email, getting connected via phone calls, planning some short trips, writing letters, etc.

Jupiter’s Planet rules Thursday

Jupiter helps make Thursday the best productive day with the best planetary hours in business or any outcome.

Jupiter planet powers with enterprise and expansion skills. The best things to do on Thursday can be marketing, socializing, networking, and any financial stock. These sorts of activities will provide positive results on Thursday.

Friday is the ruler of Venus’s Planet

Venus is the Planet that is very high in providing appropriate feelings. Venus represents the day with a strong connection, comfort, love, belongingness, passion, and sensuality.

That is why Friday liberates and allows many people to celebrate the whole week’s joy and release the stress and tiredness. Friday is considered to be the day of romance, love, celebration, friendliness, and appreciation.

That is why many people plan their weekend trips from Friday evening to relax and chill them.

Saturn governs Saturday.

Saturn is a real taskmaster planet and is full of energy. Saturday that’s why it is termed as the most advantageous day in terms of productivity and completing any incomplete tasks, and grab new opportunities.

Any planned prevention can be effectively done on Saturday. The best outcome from the Saturday to have from preparing upcoming events, house tasks, any academic task, completing any backlog task, and many such tasks.

Sunday is the day governed by the Sun planet – The last of the planetary days of the week

Sunday is termed as the day which belongs to relaxation and regaining energies. The Planet Sun provides the meaning of well-being, clarity, vitality, and optimal time with friends, family, and neighbors.

It is the best day to have your relaxation in your ways, like doing any household task which you enjoy, shopping for groceries or any other thing, planning for any event or anything that can make you feel re-energized and worshiping or cooking.

The Sunday gives you the liberty to spend the entire day in the way you want to enjoy it.

These days are framed in seven days cycle, and hence one can plan their reach day with the governing Planet to get the full outcome. The planetary days help one live life with ease and deal with great zeal and planning situations.

All days are important and have their specific value if appropriately planned to execute any task effectively. These days also have significance with specific God and goddess for the believers. People do celebrate their various worship and fasts as well in relation to these days.

You can keep the rulers of the day and planetary hours in your mobile device: Planetaro Mobile App

You can also connect with an experienced astrologer to know more about the significance of planetary days and planetary hours.

A productive day can be made with perfect planning as per Planet of the day!

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