Using Astrology and Planetary Hours to Plan the Perfect Date

Using Astrology and Planetary Hours to Plan the Perfect Date

When you’re looking for love, you don’t have time for the luck of the draw. If you could ask the planets to bless your romantic affairs with as much love power as possible, wouldn’t you do it? Fortunately, it’s easy; with astrology, you can find the perfect magical timing for your dates and other romantic proposals down to the minute.

Nervous about asking them out? Plan it for Jupiter Hour, when you feel more confident, or Mars Hour, bravery and boldness. Want to make sure you look your best for the occasion? Find a day when you can show up for your date at the stroke of Venus Hour.

The planetary ruler of the day in astrology

Make sure to consider the planetary ruler of the day, as well. Friday Venus Day — is hard to argue with for beauty and love, but a ThursdayJupiter Day — is pretty good, too. Or, if you and your date know each other pretty well and want to spend some time being yourselves together, that sounds great for a Sun Day.

Planetaro mobile app will show you the order of the hours at a glance so that you can plan for all this. And it will show you exactly when each hour starts and ends in your location, so you can also use that timing to plan the intimate intricacies of your date. For example, you could have dinner during Sun Hour to ensure your presence is bright and your personality shines through. When you’re finished, the moment amorous Venus Hour starts, you can suggest a romantic walk by the riverside.

Planetary hours

Planetary hours are the perfect magical ingredient to give your love life a lift, and they combine powerfully with even more personal astrology if you have your birth charts handy. If your date is a Cancer rising, and you’re a Pisces rising, that first Moon Hour after sunset on Jupiter Day (Thursday) could be pretty potent for both of you. And you can make the moment even stronger by consulting the moment’s chart to see where your ruling planets — or the rulers of your 7th or 5th houses — are in the sky and what their aspects to each other are.

Astrology is a vast study area and a powerful source of magic, and you can get super elaborate when using it to plan a romantic date with your beloved. But you can also keep it simple: Use Planetaro to keep track of the planetary rulers of the days and hours, and you’ll know you have the universe on your side when you make your move.

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