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Planetary Hours Calculator App iOS

Planetary Hours App

This astrology application calculates unequal hours (through daily/nightly time intervals) from sunrise to sunset and helps you keep track of the ruling planetary hour based on your region.

The app helps you use your time best and better understand yourself, your environment, and your relations in real-time.

The planetary hours and days are based on the ancient Star of the Magic principle and are calculated using the Chaldean order. The main rule is quite simple: the planet that rules the day and the hour promotes activities that align with its focus and can impede those opposite activities.

By using Planetaro, you learn which planet rules your day and its parts. It makes you the master of your time and the designer of your future. 

Planetaro Planetary Hours Clock

Planetary Hours Calculator

Planetary hours calculation is an ancient astrological method to determine what is favorable for the current time being and what is not. Developed in Hellenistic astrology, it has possible roots in older Babylonian astrology. It originates from the names of the days of the week, as used in English and numerous other languages.

Planetaro shows which of the zodiac’s seven traditional planets (stars) is ruling the moment. In Planetaro, the user can choose the combination of planetary rulers – hour ruler, moving forward or backward in time.

Planetaro app automatically finds your location and calculates hours according to your position. The lock screen widget ensures you catch all planets and their best vibes. 

The classical seven planets are Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, the Sun, Venus, Mercury, and the Moon, and they take rulership over the hours in this sequence.

Planetary Hours + Lock Screen Widget

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