How to Plan Your Sex Life With Astrology?

Sex is one of the top reasons people turn to astrology, especially in our sexually liberated times. Sex is a matter of biological, personal, social, and spiritual importance; thus, astrology can provide critical information about it.

To get the full picture of a sexual space weather forecast, there are astrological considerations for natal, transit, and mundane charts. You’ll want to understand the sexual chemistry of the natives involved, how the current timing is looking for them, how the local sky looks at the time of any possible sexual encounter, and of course the planetary hours and day rulers.

The most common heavenly place to associate with sex and sexuality is the 5th house of “good fortune,” where Venus rejoices. Not only is it the place of children (which is something to look out for, to be sure), it also represents play, fun, and creativity. Being the private house — that is, the subterranean one — that is trine to the ascendant, the 5th house is a lovely place that you will not want to overlook when doing astrology on sexual matters.

But it’s hardly the only place to look.

You can’t get the full picture of the 5th house without looking across the zodiac at the 11th house of “good spirit.” It is associated with friends, associates, and networks. You might consider those less intimate relationships than 5th house ones, but then again, where might future intimate relations be found? The 11th house is also the joy of Jupiter and likewise associated with hope and support from the gods, which is surely something you could use if you’re hoping to get lucky.

Of course, the 11th house is the fifth from the 7th house, which brings a third critical place into the mix. The 7th, the powerful place of the descendant, where planets set in the west, indicates the other party in the equation, the person across the table, the partner, or the spouse. If you’re looking for information about coupling, it would behoove you to look at the 7th.

The interplay of the planets in the 5th, 7th, and 11th houses, aspects to them, and their rulers, will give you an exhaustive understanding of the sexual situation. But then the question is — when?

You will certainly want to consider upcoming transits to these houses and planets when timing sexual encounters with a natal chart. Also, any good transits of Venus — planet of pleasure and relationship — to anything at all is worth noting. The Moon, who rules the body, should be in a pleased and happy condition, or you might want to take a pass on this encounter. Finally, Mars is the bringer of spice and intensity, but also pain and harm if conditions are ill, so you’ll want to sprinkle him on there carefully.

If you have a big date planned, it’s worth looking at the local chart for that time to see how it looks on its own in terms of the houses and planets mentioned above, as well as how the ascendant and its ruler get involved, as they represent the relevant “you” in the matter at hand.

But don’t just take the chart on its own. Remember to consider the planetary day and hour! It’s hard to beat a Friday for all kinds of reasons, not the least of which is that the day is ruled by Venus while the night is ruled by spicy Mars. Monday, with the Moon as day ruler and Venus as night ruler, is also pretty hot, though your schedule might be less so.

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