How to turn planetary hours into success?

Do you agree that success comes to those who do the right things at the right time?

Or do you give all credit to luck for driving success, abundance, or failures and setbacks in life?

Since the advent of time, people have been using planetary alignments to choose the appropriate time to plan their actions. Astrology leads to self-discovery and awakening and guides you to manifesting ease, success, and abundance in your life. There are many ways to take advantage of cosmic tides, planetary cycles, transits, days, and hours. 

Here is your ultimate guide to astrological timings to wade through your life quickly and utilize your current moments to build perfect and auspicious ones. Before learning to turn planetary hours into success, let’s have a “Closer Look at Seven Planets.”

Sun: This planet represents our true self, the essence of our personality, creativity, and identity. It describes what motivates us and why.

Moon: Moon represents our mood, innate reactions, spiritual nature, and subconscious mind. Representing our deepest instincts and feelings, Moon describes our family and mother figure.

Mercury: It is the planet of communication and represents logic and rationality. It influences our daily expression and social style.

Venus: Venus determines our liking in life. Being the representative of love, beauty, and luxury, it decides what makes us happy. It governs charm, pleasure, adoration, courtship, and aesthetic & artistic inclinations.

Mars: Mars dictates our sex drive, vitality, ambition, and passion. It is all about our survival instinct and temperament. In comparison, Venus plays a vital role in deciding what we love; Mars decides how to chase that love.

Jupiter: It is the planet of expansion, growth, learning, and abundance. It promises all the good things in life. You can call it the lucky planet.

Saturn: Saturn is the planet of hard work, determination, and responsibility. This cosmic taskmaster defines restrictions, boundaries, laws, and life realities. It teaches mastery and excellence.

After the planets and their significance, here is the “Quick Sheet of Planetary Rulership and Days.”

  • Sunday – Sun
  • Monday – Moon
  • Tuesday – Mars
  • Wednesday – Mercury
  • Thursday – Jupiter
  • Friday – Venus
  • Saturday – Saturn

Cheat Sheet for Binding Planetary Days and Hours into Success

Remember, a planetary hour is not exactly 60 minutes of an ordinary hour (You can use mobile apps to help you to calculate Planetary Hours on your location). Its duration varies according to daylight and darkness. Once you are familiar with the meanings of planets and the method of calculating planetary hours, you can align your activities to maximize each hour’s benefit to invite success, luck, and harmony in life.

Sun Day & Sun Hour
excellent for creative professional endeavours
Moon Day & Moon Hour
best for looking after emotional matters, family affairs, or domestic issues
Mars Day & Mars Hour
best for motivational boosts and amplifying your energies
Mercury Day & Mercury Hour
suitable for pursuing mental and intellectual activities to get favorable results
Jupiter Day & Jupiter Hour
suitable for social gatherings, networking, and conceptualizing futuristic projects
Venus Day & Venus Hour
ideal for hosting parties, socializing, and resolving conflicts
Saturn Day & Saturn Hour
suitable for acquiring discipline in life and mapping out your responsibilities to avoid disappointments and failures

Bottom Line

Remember, astrology and planetary hours are helping tools, and you have to remember that planetary days and hours are not exactly like our calendar days and clock hours. So turning planetary hours into success depends on determining which planet/hour most likely corresponds with your intent.

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