Planetary Hours – A User Guide

The movement of planets and planetary hours has always excited people’s intellectual curiosity. Since ancient times, people have looked up to the planets to interpret their influence on life, love, career, and relationships. 

Even the weekdays have their planetary connotations. For instance, Moon rules Monday, Saturn rules Saturday, Sun rules Sunday, and so on. You see, the day names we use come from their ruling planet. Check the Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday translations in French and guess the rulers.

The planetary rulers of the days are dependent upon planetary hours.

What is a planetary hour?

Just like regular day hours, there are 24 planetary hours in a day. But unlike an ordinary day that starts at midnight, the planetary day begins at sunrise. The hours divide time using the Chaldean order –  Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury, and Moon.

The planet ruling the first hour of the day becomes the ruler of the day; for example, Sun rules Sunday, so the circle of 12 rulers for Sunday will be:

Hours for Sunday

 Day Rulers
  1. Sun
  2. Venus
  3. Mercury
  4. Moon
  5. Saturn
  6. Jupiter
  7. Mars
  8. Sun
  9. Venus
  10. Mercury
  11. Moon
  12. Saturn
 Night Rulers
  1. Jupiter
  2. Mars
  3. Sun
  4. Venus
  5. Mercury
  6. Moon
  7. Saturn
  8. Jupiter
  9. Mars
  10. Sun
  11. Venus
  12. Mercury

However, the planetary hours are not exactly 60 minutes of an ordinary hour, and their duration varies per the duration of daylight and darkness.

How to calculate planetary hours?

Date and location play a vital role in calculating a planetary hour. The time of sunrise and sunset determines each planetary hour. For example, on 26th June, the sunrise time in London was 4:37, and sunset was 10:01. The total day length was 17 hours and 24 minutes (1044).

When the sum is divided by 12, it gives us a planetary hour of 87 minutes each. At the same time, the night hour will be of 33 minutes on 26th June. This shows the planetary hour of the day is more than the night hour.

In today’s digital world, calculating planetary hours is not at all challenging. You can use Planetaro for free on your phone or alternatives.

Channelizing planetary hours to bring luck in life

Since the advent of time, people have sought astrology’s secrets to bring luck in every matter of their life. It lets you know about planets and how they play their role in your everyday activities. For example, Moon represents meditation and motherly instincts. Sun is responsible for relaxation and regaining energy. Venus rules love and values. If you want to learn more about the energies of the planetary days, check Planetary days of the week – different feeling with rulers

Bottom Line

Aligning your activities to astrology will help you drive luck, success, and harmony in life. Remember, to benefit from planetary hours, familiarize yourself with each day’s ruling planet.

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