What are planetary hours?

Not all days of the week are identical. Some days we have certain moods, certain predispositions based on planetary hours. If, for example, we make the same physical effort on some days of the week for a while, we will notice that when we try doing it on the rest of the days, the same action has a different energy consumption and gives different satisfactions.

Each day of the week is ruled by one of the seven major planets. Thus: Monday – Moon, Tuesday – Mars, Wednesday – Mercury, Thursday – Jupiter, Friday – Venus, Saturday – Saturn, and Sunday – Sun.

Suppose each planet acts predominantly on a specific day. In that case, we can use this energy for the purposes we have set for ourselves, choosing the day according to what we want to do, or we can pay attention to the adverse effects of the energy in question—being preventive.

Furthermore, in everyday life, we notice that not all moments of the same day are similar: some are tenser, others bring us more peace, in some moments we can put more physical effort, in others not, etc.

In the 24 hours of a day, there are also planetary hours in parallel with the Astrological Houses. In other words, every hour (approximately) of the day is governed by one planet. 

Planetary hours are not really about the planets themselves but about some subtle cosmic currents of a specific color, a certain vibration that influences us at that moment.

How to calculate?

The astrological day begins at sunrise.

The first planetary hour is always given by the governor of the day.

The governors of the next hours are established in the planets’ Chaldean order (Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon).

For example, assuming that today is Sunday, the day is ruled by the Sun. The first planetary hour is always given by the governor of the day, in our case, the Sun. So, the second planetary hour will be ruled by Venus, the third by Mercury, etc.

You can install the Planetary app on your phone to calculate automatically. Navigate to www.planetaro.com and install now.

How are we influenced by planetary days and hours?

The two energies of the planet that rules the day and the one that leads the hour will merge. But there are times when the same planet governs both day and hour, which gives maximum power to that day.

But are we all influenced in the same way by these energies? 

Of course not. It depends on each one’s natal chart, what aspects the planet has, and how strong it is in the natal chart.

For example, a square between Mars and Mercury on the natal chart can be activated very well on a Wednesday, in the time of Mars or Mercury. And not in the right way, because the person may feel more quarrelsome than usual, maybe more prone to criticism and sharp words. But if there is a trine between the two planets on the natal chart, then there may be an urge to write something, make a trip, hold a conference, or whatever you have on Mercury and Mars look good together.

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