How did I use planetary hours for the most important thing in my life?

What is the most important thing in your life? You may say, ‘wealth’ or ‘success’ or ‘happiness’. If you are like me, then you will say, ‘family’. I believe that the most important thing in my life is my family. Family is something that can never be replaced. I have always been lucky in love, but I have also been unlucky sometimes. I have had three divorces so far, and I am sure that there will be more to come.

However, I believe that I have been lucky in love because of planetary hours. When I was young, I did not know about the planetary hours. I just wanted to have a good time with women. However, when I became wiser, I began to learn more about planetary hours.

How did I use planetary hours? I simply made sure that I did not schedule any important meetings on the days of the bad planetary hours. So, for example, I will not schedule any important meetings on Thursdays. It is a bad day for business people, and it is one of the worst days of the week to sign contracts or make important decisions. My life changed drastically when I began to follow the planetary hours.

I stopped having bad luck with business partners because I did not sign any contracts on Thursdays. As a result of my success with business partners, I am now working with them on weekends, and we are making money hand-over-fist because we are all having good luck together.

How To Know Which Planetary Hours To Avoid And Which To Use?

I do not know much about astrology or how to read the charts properly. That is why it is very difficult for me to know which planetary hours to avoid and which ones to use. As a result, when my wife and I decide to schedule an important meeting on a troublesome day, we always choose a different day and avoid scheduling our meeting on Thursdays and Saturdays. We always schedule our meetings during the good days of the week and we never schedule meetings during the bad days of the week. This way we do not need to read any charts to know when we should be careful and when we should be relaxed and enjoy life!

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